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Tapping the mind of a race car driver to make safer autonomous cars

The future of autonomous vehicles remains clouded by safety concerns, prompting manufacturers to offer only limited options for a car to take over, such as in highway traffic jams or parking lots.

But Chris Gerdes think the answer to designing a safer autonomous car might be found in pushing them to go faster – a lot faster.

The Stanford University professor and senior fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy has for the past few years studied how professional racing drivers make their way around the track at speeds upwards of 150 miles per hour. He then inputs that data into his automated Audi TTS known as Shelley.

The testing goes on at several tracks including the Bonneville Salt Flats and Thunderhill Raceway Park in California, where Gerdes examines such things as how David Vodden, an amateur driver and CEO of Thunderhill, or Gunnar Jeanette, a current driver who has competed in the World Endurance Championship, brake, steer and shift gears.

Gerdes uses cameras inside and outside the vehicle as his drivers take on the track to see how they handle turns and straightaways, when they cut close to the inside, when they go wide, and when and how they use the steering wheel, the pedals and the gear shifter. Gerdes also attaches electrodes to their heads to track their vital signs and brain activity as they make their driving decisions.

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Taking a test ride in a Google self-driving car

Google’s self-driving cars are being tested on city streets, where the cars have to figure out how to share the road with pedestrians, cyclists, …

“It’s easy to see what they actually do with their hands and how the car moves out on the track,” Gerdes said. “We have been taking brain wave data and trying to correlate that with specific vehicle actions. We can see some general trends.”

He then takes all the data gathered from the cameras and electrodes and feeds it into Shelley’s program, teaching the car how skilled human drivers would behave in certain situations.

“They try to use all the friction capability of the tire and the road to be fast,” Gerdes told CBS News. “What we really want to do is have that same capability to use all friction between the tire and road to be safe. If the laws of the physics say the accident can be avoided, we’d like the car to have capability to avoid it, whether that is fully automated car or a car that is working together with a human driver.”

Ever since Google first started testing its self-driving car, the hype was that vehicles operated by computers would eliminate the human error that led to 5.7 million motor vehicle accidents in 2013. More than 32,000 of those crashes were fatal, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Much of the blame came down to the drivers being drowsy or intoxicated. The consulting firm KPMG found that 93 percent of accidents are caused by human error.

So it might sound counterintuitive that to make a safer automated car, Gerdes and other engineers think vehicles need act a bit more human. They are finding that one of the limits of automated cars is that they lack the flexibility and judgment to respond to the array of hazards humans confront every day on the road, from snowstorms to construction sites to the errant pedestrian crossing our paths.

Some of those limitations have been on display out at Thunderhill, where Gerdes routinely sends Shelley out on the winding, 3-mile road course.

“When we put car out more robotically and we say OK follow this path, it tends to think all points on the path as equally important,” Gerdes said. “But human driver will say there is a point where I’m putting my wheel up against the edge, which is extremely important. If I allow a little bit of error in middle of track, that is not such a big deal if I can get extra speed, extra stability. That is really good trade off.”

Vodden, an amateur racer for nearly four decades, said, “There are a lot of techniques that human brain learns and perfects to go faster around the race track and beat the other drivers.”

In the early years, he and other drivers managed far better times around the track than Shelley because they could make adjustments to cut their speed. But Shelley is proving to be a fast learner. As fresh data gleaned from the drivers is imputed into its system, the Audi has begun charting a path around the track that is almost as fast as some of the race car drivers – a response that could be especially beneficial, say, on winter roads in the decades ahead.

“Imagine the race car comes into corner and they are trying to push the car as fast as possible through that corner without it spinning or without going off the track,” Gerdes said.

“Now an automated car may come into corner and discover it’s very icy. They are in the same situation of trying not to spin out and trying to get through the corner. The car has been pushed to the limits not because someone is racing on the track but simply because you hit a patch of ice.”

Gregory Fitch, a research scientist who leads the User Experience Group for the Center for Automated Vehicle Systems at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, said it made sense to study the reaction of race car drivers.

“If you were to develop an understanding of when they experience stress in certain conditions, you can pretty much guarantee that the normal driver going to experience stress in those conditions,” said Fitch, who just finished an extensive study of driver engagement with the Google self-driving car at its track. “It’s kind of a way of identifying edge cases for people’s reaction to how a vehicle might drive.”

And by studying a range of driving styles including professionals, Fitch said it will help engineers move away from a one-size-fits all model.

“Flexibility is part of the key to driver acceptance,” he said said. “I think user acceptance will dependent on whether or not the driver approves of how the car is driving. I think it makes sense to look into adjustability. I think that makes complete sense.”

That is where the brain waves could help.

The challenge now is making sense of the data. “You don’t really know what caused certain brain activity,” he said. “Was it directly related to what is on the track or was it some stray signal? Was it them thinking about what they had for dinner the night before?”

Gertes said they are trying to better understand how to interpret the brain wave patterns they’re observing and possibly even use that information to help drivers in the future.

“One thing that would be really interesting is to be able to measure somebody’s skill with handling a car, to understand where a car should be supporting the driver,” Gerdes said. “Can we actually see in brain patterns certain driving skills and know whether people acquired them or not? Can we have the car actively train the driver?”

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Men’s Health | Yahoo Answers

Best answer: Hi Chris:

Some guys who were circumcised in adult life and then restored say they got back about 80 percent of what they lost.

Several good things happen:

1. The head of the penis loses its keratinization and calloused look and becomes more sensitive.

2. Just as additional skin cells are created by tissue expansion, additional nerve cells are also created.

3. The tautness of the shaft skin is relaxed and additIonal skin mobility is available.

4. The new skin mobility stimulates the existing nerves in a way they could not be stimulated when the skin was taut.

Foreskin restoration was known in ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible. The process was carried out in Biblical times by Jews who wanted to look like Greeks. It is mentioned in the Bible. The process was lost but rediscovered about 1970 by men who objected to having been circumcised without their consent. Many still do not know that foreskins can be restored.

The decision to restore one’s foreskin is a personal decision. It depends on how strong one’s feelings are about one’s unwanted non-voluntary circumcision, because foreskin restoration by tissue expansion is somewhat slow. Some men think it is worthwhile to restore and others don’t think so. The process is slow and not for everyone. One must feel strongly about the desire to have a foreskin

Surgical foreskin restoration has been tried but does not give good results. Moreover, some men have had very serious complications from surgical foreskin restoration. The favored method is non-surgical foreskin restoration.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration can only proceed as fast as skin can grow. The human foreskin is a double layer of skin so two inches of skin must be grown to have one inch of visible foreskin. Many circumcised men do not fully understand how much tissue was amputated and how severely they were injured by circumcision

Some believe that foreskin restoration goes much faster when one is young because there is more growth hormone in the body. The stretching causes tissue expansion and permanent growth of the length of your foreskin.

One does well to start young when there is more growth hormone in the body, because the skin probably grows faster and you will have more years to enjoy your new foreskin.

Nonsurgical foreskin restoration works by “tissue expansion”. When traction is applied to skin to keep it under tension, the skin reacts by expanding to relieve the tension. New skin cells are formed and the skin under tension expands. This is a permanent increase. Cells divide to create two skin cells out of one. The process is called “mitosis”. The time taken for cells to divide limits the speed of foreskin restoration.

For foreskin restoration the shaft skin is placed under longitudinal tension or traction, which causes it to expand so as to make it longer. Traction is applied to the residual skin to put it under tension. The skin reacts to relieve the tension by mitosis and tissue expansion. In tissue expansion, mitosis (cell-splitting) increases the size of the skin and permanent increase in length occurs.

As the shaft skin gets longer, one starts to see little wrinkles in the skin. As elongation continues, skin will start to pile up in the coronal sulcus. Then, with increasing length, the shaft skin will start to lap over the head in a little fold. This is the start of the new foreskin. Since a double layer is needed, quite a lot of skin must be created.

Continued stretching and skin expansion will eventually cover the head of the penis with foreskin. Over the longer term, it is possible to create a foreskin that is long enough to cover the erect penis.

Foreskin restoration improves appearance. As the foreskin lengthens, the scar from the circumcision is covered over and disappears. The result is a very natural appearing foreskin that is very difficult to distinguish from a natural foreskin.

The procedure does not use drugs or surgery and the medical profession is not involved in any way. Doctors cannot help. It is not a medical procedure. Non-surgical foreskin restoration is very safe and painless.

The restored foreskin keeps the glans penis moist and sensitive. The layer of keratin on the glans of the circumcised penis sloughs off after a period of constant coverage by the restored foreskin. The surface becomes softer to the touch.

Foreskin restoration cannot restore the frenulum, nor can it restore the heavily innervated ridged band, however, a restored foreskin does have sensation. Morever, the increased skin mobility allows better stimulation of the remaining nerves.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration has beneficial sexual and emotional effects. Foreskin restoration can also help the female partner reach orgasm.

Foreskinned males who have short, inadequate foreskins may use the same techniques to lengthen their existing foreskin.

There are now several good devices on the market to make foreskin restoration go faster.

Search the Internet for “foreskin restoration” for more information.



Should You Have Your Car’s Transmission Flushed?

You’ll likely see small metal particles; remove them, as well.

Some automakers claim that drivers do not need to change the fluid in their transmissions. You’ll notice a delayed response, or a jerking sensation when the gears shift.

Potential Hazards Of “Flushing” The Transmission

You may have noticed that the mechanics at your dealership or local repair shop recommend transmission flushes. With everything in place, add the new ATF. For example, if the deposits are pushed through the assembly, but not expelled, they can create an obstruction that prevents fluid from flowing. Install the new filter and gasket, and replace the pan before tightening the bolts. The good news is that maintenance is as easy as changing the fluid.

Next, replace the transmission filter, and the gasket around the perimeter of the pan. For this reason, you should do everything possible to prolong its life. When this happens, the moving parts begin to generate friction, which causes the shifting to become staggered or uneven. If the fluid is static (i.e. They prevent the friction that can eventually destroy the gears and other components. Locate the pan in which the fluid sits (typically, beneath the dipstick), and loosen the bolts that are holding it in place. Next, place a few drops on a paper towel, and examine its color. Add it slowly, and check the level periodically to avoid overfilling.

Before you start, check the scent, color, and consistency of the fluid. This will essentially starve your transmission of ATF, which can quickly lead to costly repairs (or worse, an overhaul).

With the pan removed and the ATF drained, clean any residual transmission fluid that remains in the pan. Many mechanics suggest changing it every 30,000 miles, but placing a load on the assembly will accelerate the fluid’s oxidation. Unfortunately, this claim may not be entirely true.

Place sturdy jacks under the frame of your vehicle, and lift it. The solvents and pressure help to jar loose deposits and debris that have accumulated. Then, remove the pan. it does not spread), oxidation has already occurred.

There is a danger, however, that knocking loose the deposits will cause bigger problems down the road. The problem is, the heat surrounding the assembly causes the temperature of the ATF to rise. These chemicals ensure the gears shift smoothly and reliably. If the ATF is completely oxidized, it will smell as if something is burning.

Advantage Of Replacing The ATF

It is worth noting that flushes are generally not recommended for high-mileage vehicles (those with over 100,000 miles) for this reason.

The fluid is filled with chemicals that help protect your transmission during operation. During a flush, a special machine is used to push solvents at high pressure backward through the assembly. Some pans will be equipped with a drain plug that can be removed in order to drain the fluid.. By cleaning the system, the ATF can flow through it more easily, providing a higher level of lubrication.

Thus far, we have explained why changing the ATF is a good idea, and the reason flushing your transmission is a poor one. But avoid having the assembly flushed since doing so can cause more harm than good.

Replacing the fluid introduces a new batch of protective chemicals into the assembly. But is the service necessary? More importantly, could it cause a problem with your car’s tranny? In this article, we’ll present both sides of the issue, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the service. As with your engine, regular maintenance can go a long way toward protecting your transmission from premature failure. Thus, changing the ATF prolongs its useful life, and postpones an overhaul.

So, how often should you change the fluid? A lot depends on the conditions in which you drive. We’ll also provide a quick “how to” guide for changing the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in your vehicle.

This brings us to the question of whether flushing your transmission is necessary and safe. This in turn causes oxidation; the chemicals begin to break down, and provide less protection to the tranny. We’ll now explain how to do the former.

Examining And Changing The Fluid

The takeaway is that you should check your transmission fluid on a regular basis, and replace it when it becomes oxidized. They suggest the ATF can last the life of the assembly. If you normally drive aggressively, or haul heavy items up hills, you may need to change it every 20,000 miles.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and whether you purchase a rebuilt or new transmission, replacing the assembly can cost up to $3,500. Observe its consistency as the drops spread on the paper towel. If it is darkly colored, it needs to be changed. Position a bowl or container under the pan to drain the ATF


​Chromebook Pixel, the Rolls-Royce of Chromebooks, is getting a refresh

And [...] our developers along with our Googlers eat 85% associated with what we should produce. Pertaining To Linux developers, your Pixel, higher price-tag as well as all, is a excellent machine.

I expect the newest Pixel can come using a 2.4GHz Core i7 chip. Simply No person who ever paid out the trannycams Pixel’s premium value could be described as an everyday consumer. Inside my experience, Pixel owners are usually severe programmers or writers. They’re producing these people therefore leading developers, each inside and outside involving Google, may hold the most beneficial Chromebook experience. related Stories:

Take your pick: two sound $199 Chromebooks from AcerCES 2015: Acer introduces 1st 15.6-inch display ChromebookChromebook: 3 issues Google need to become able to do inside 2015Chromebooks: Debunking the particular misconceptionsThe huge good thing about the actual Chromebook over Windows, Macs

We could make several assumptions in regards for you to the new Pixel. We will be offering it however I just must set the expectations: this can be a development platform.

OMG Chrome’s Joey-Elijah Sneddon, which usually broke the story, wrote, “As before, the particular Chromebook Pixel 2 will be any development device primarily directed at developers. Nearly a couple of years right after I got my original Pixel, it’s still my go-to laptop, along with I anticipate the particular Pixel two to become any worthy upgrade to become able to it. It’s feasible that it will possibly be upgraded to become able to 4K’s 3,840-by-2,160 resolution.

I wish it were cheaper. Lately, it’s turn out in order to be easy to run Linux and also ChromeOS on the same display on the Chromebook.

Chromebook Pixel, the Rolls-Royce associated with Chromebooks, is actually receiving a new refresh | ZDNet

Tech Pro ResearchSystem Monitoring PolicyGoing old college along with tape backupLeaders talk about software-defined networking’s benefits, obstacles, favored vendorsTechRepublic’s Depreciation Calculator

So, what will we expect from your Chromebook 2? Great question. A Few people, along with I’m certainly 1 of them, want top-of-the-line hardware and also were willing to pay $1,449 for that Chromebook Pixel back throughout 2013.Now, Google has made the actual decision to always be releasing any Chromebook Pixel 2.

Why do we love the actual Pixel so much? Torvalds spoke for a excellent deal of folks when he praised the actual Pixel’s screen. 64GBs associated with local SSD storage and 4GBs involving RAM is plenty regarding Chrome OS.

As regarding storage along with memory, I don’t foresee any kind of changes.

OMG Chrome speculates, based on the bug statement for that unreleased Samus development board which in turn appears being the actual Pixel 2′s motherboard, that the next generation Pixel will come inside the identical size as well as format. I strongly suspect the 4G model will always assistance Verizon.

Six Clicks: from least to be able to beast: The Actual greatest Chromebooks

That’s fine. This specific chipset may come with the Intel’s Iris Graphics 6100, which supports 4K graphics.

In addition, you’ll end up being in a position to run Linux on the Chromebook alongside ChromeOS.

chromebookpixel.jpgThe next-generation Chromebook will look a great deal such as the existing model.Despite requests, Google offers not necessarily confirmed this. Still, from Teamwork 2015, the conference with regard to Google with regard to Function system administrators and partners, Ren?e Niemi, Google’s Director with the Android and Chrome Global Enterprise Unit within Enterprise, said, “We do possess a new Pixel released also it will possibly be released soon. Linux’s creator Linus Torvalds, for example, can be a large Chromebook Pixel fan as these people are Greg Kroah-Hartman, who’s the actual Linux stable kernel maintainer.

Finally, I think the costs — $1,299 for your Wi-Fi-only variation along with $1,449 for the LTE model — is going to be changing.

That’s partly since it’s truly a safe bet that the Pixel is planning to be upgrading from its present i5 to a fifth-generation Intel Broadwell chip. It will use the forthcoming USB 3.1 ‘Type C’ port. Nevertheless yes, we do use a new Pixel tranny cams coming out.”

Most people are pleased with inexpensive Chromebooks. Together With its 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GBs regarding RAMa 64-GB SSD regarding nearby storage and a terabyte associated with totally free Google Drive cloud storage regarding three years, it’s also sexy tranny cams blazingly fast along with plenty involving room with regard to information and also programs.. That defintely won’t be pitched at, a lot less priced for, standard consumers.”

I feel it’s sure it will add 802.11ac as well as Bluetooth 4 to always be able to its Wi-Fi suite. This new USB port can be capable of transmitting and also receiving as significantly as 10 gigabits for each second. Google aren’t offering Pixels to create funds coming from them. Although your chip is planning to be faster, Intel claims in which it will obtain no less than an hour or perhaps so a lot more life compared to its Haswell ancestor. We don’t help make very many of these — we actually don’t. This kind of is absolutely the proof involving concept. Still, that wont quit me coming from purchasing one your minute your Pixel 2 will be available. First, since it appears to have the identical dimension format, it will arrive together with a minimal of its existing 2560 x 1700 resolution touchscreen 12.85″ display. We don’t have excellent answers yet


Best Hindi Comedy Movies To Entertain People

From traditional lite comedy Hindi movies for you to core comedy movies of today, all of these are telecast about TV channels for your audience. Nowadays, comedy movies are usually produced in various sub-categories. Black comedy, deadpan comedy, blue comedy or perhaps spoof along with physical comedy are generally some regarding the unique types. Luck Through Chance, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, as well as Jaane Bhi Perform Yaaro are some perfect examples involving black comedy. Legendary movies similar to Andaaz Apna Apna, Hera Pheri and also Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi are nonetheless well-known between the Indian audience. some in the examples involving blue comedy movies include Masti as well as Dostana. In case you’re any fan involving South Indian rowdy anna, superstars, then do watch movies online similar to Bagawat Ek Jung, Jaanbaaz Ki Jung, Yumrak Ek Faulad and Bajrang. These kind of South Indian movies entertain viewers along with not merely comedy but in addition some rowdy action. Simply No issue which in turn comedy movie you want in order to watch, you are generally in a new position to watch these people on your own favorite TV channel and obtain entertained.

Some of the box office hits regarding 2009 in which thoroughly entertained folks across the country are usually De Dhana Dhan, All Associated With The Best: Entertaining Begins, along with Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. The Actual yr 2010 produced productive stories inside the kind of Jaane Kahan keez movies Se Aayi hai and also Houseful. Throughout 2011, movie makers continued in order to generate a number of distinctive comedy movies for you to entertain all movie lovers. Faltu, Thank You, Rascals, Double Dhamaal, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Yumla Pagla Deewana, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Delhi Belly, Desi Boyz as well as Ready were a handful of of them. Movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, Barfi, Vicky Donor, and also Pan Singh Tomar shared the combination of comedy and thrill.

Some of the particular best Hindi keez movies comedy movies associated with recent times

As comedies dominate the particular Bollywood industry, movie makers are generally capable of generate a number of the greatest Hindi comedy movies since the particular current past. Comedy may be very well-liked using the movie lovers for decades together, it still is. Simply By watching the comedy movie anyone have a tendency to forget the routine and then leave the troubles behind. Just put, comedy Hindi movies act just such as a stress-buster for the people. they would end up being the favorites pertaining to kids, youngsters, operating employees, middle-aged as well as old-aged audiences.

Comedy movies in TV

About the Author:

‘Movies OK is Indias leading brand associated with Hindi movies channel. Its a spot in which you can watch a variety of the best ‘Hindi comedy moviesfor real entertainment.

Telecast of comedy movies about TV channels will become the icing on the cake for your moviegoers. Nowadays, watching movies on TV upon Hindi channels can become a real treat. As TV sets nowadays tend to be fashioned with HD distinct picture channels, high quality sound output, wider screens and woofer speakers, individuals get your self a possiblity to watch their favorite movies from home. Moreover, most of the comedy Hindi movies are often telecast about TV for your viewers. More Than yesteryear a couple of decades, viewership involving comedy movies features fast increased. Simply By maintaining keez movies a watch on movie promos in inclusion for you to their timetable a person can easily watch the preferred movie from just about any time. In case you’ve missed out watching just about any movie on TV, you can still watch these people on the internet upon TV channels on-line portals. online channels give you a possiblity to watch movies online with out just about any breaks along with interference of advertisements. Research regarding full uncut movies on the actual internet and watch all of them pertaining to free from cost.

Types involving comedy movies


Camson Bio Technologies Ltd stock quote, Camson Bio Technologies Ltd company overview

The… Camson Bio Technologies limited (Camson) is surely an India-based agricultural biotechnology company. (more). the Company provides a array of bio-products, including biocides, bio-fertilizers as well as hybrid seeds. the Company targets cultivation involving hybrid seeds along with manufacture associated with organic pest management items for the agricultural markets


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Following Tel Aviv attack, Herzog calls for war on terror

“We will always fight them freely even in thistime, responsibly and having a obvious message towards the other side in which we’re readyto defend our citizens and to settle accounts together with those who look to harmus.”

The Right’s means provides failed, also it will be trying to cover it withincitement, by simply blaming the particular PA along with Israeli Arabs, he said.

Terrorism has to end up being able to be fought using determination, Labor leader Isaac Herzog stated onWednesday, after getting a Palestinian man stabbed passengers on a Tel Avivbus.

Hatnua chairwoman Tzipi Livni asserted “Israeli citizensdeserve to reside safely in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and also near the Gaza border -everywhere in Israel and outside of it.

“When Abbas incites against Jews on TV day andnight, when Abbas names town squares right after murderers and offers monetary prizesto those that murder Jews, he’s turning himself right straight into a knife dealer and also theterrorists are his emissaries.”

“That reality mustchange.”

“We must use all implies essential to stop the nextterrorist attack,” she said. “I contact on almost all politicians not to incite or perhaps heatthings up pertaining to cynical marketing campaign needs. The Actual only way to cope with terrorism is actually todeal with what motivates it.”

According in order to Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, your chairman ofBayit Yehudi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is actually to blame with regard to thestabbing.

KnessetForeign Affairs and defense Committee chairman Yariv Levin (Likud) stated theattack is an additional reminder in which Israel will be in a continuing battle as well as thatterrorist organizations continue to program attacks and also try to enactthem.

A gap between declarations as well as slogans concerning safety on the onehand, as well as Israelis’ precarious sense of security around the other, is actually intolerable,the Labor Party chairman said.

Herzog expressed support for the IDF, Shin Bet (Israel SecurityAgency) along with police within an “uncompromising war about terrorism, in almost any location wherethere is truly a threat to be able to Israelis,” along with wished a speedy recovery for the victims ofthe attack.

We must andcan stop the escalation,” your woman said.

Livni referred to as for you to strike terrorismwhile escalating intelligence along with security cooperation with the Palestinians andenlisting the planet towards the battle against terrorism and then for Israel’sdefense.

“We changes this along with determined andassertive action towards terrorist organizations in inclusion to their heads,” hewrote.

“Israeli citizens do not really feel secure today, not really by the Gaza borderand not really within Tel Aviv,” Herzog wrote upon Facebook.

“Words usually are usually not enough,” he said.

Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On known as the stabbings “an awfulattack against innocent individuals around the way to work,” as well as wished the particular victims aspeedy recovery.

Following Tel Aviv attack, Isaac Herzog calls for war about terror – Israel news – Jerusalem Post

“Terrorist organizations aren’t on an election recess,” unlike theKnesset, Levin said.

“What we reallyneed here may end up being the opposite, a policy associated with reconciliation, justice and also independencefor a couple of nations, as opposed to occupation, hatred along with eternal war,” Henin said.

“It ought to be obvious which inside thewar about terror there are no compromises. Terrorism is not dealt with throughnegotiation, however by means of force and more force and more force.

“The individual who is responsible for the terrorist attack throughout TelAviv will be the identical man who had been seen marching together with globe leaders just a week ago inParis,” Bennett said.

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MK Dov Henin (Hadash) asked: “Will wealways reside through our sword here, or possibly there another, more sane and humane option?Our challenge would be to break your horrible cycle regarding blood rather than continue it anylonger.”

Bennett called for your government for you to stopthe flow of cash for you to “the terrorist Abbas” for as long because he carries on fundingterrorists’ families.


Latex-loving tranny girl bangs a butch guy’s ass

Latex-loving tranny girl bangs a butch guy’s ass

Street Walker Lila Fucked In Her Butt

Street Walker Lila Fucked In Her Butt

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